Ranma 1/2 Gets New Nekohanten-themed Merch

Nekohanten (or Cat Café), Cologne and Shampoo’s culinary establishment in Ranma 1/2’s fictional setting of Furinkan, is known by Furinkan locals for its delicious Japanese-Chinese cuisine as well as entertainment by way of the frequent … .

A Primer on the Two 2020 Massachusetts Ballot Questions

The pros and cons of both Massachusetts ballot questions November 3Massachusetts Ballot Question 1: Should carmakers share more repair data?Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: Should the commonwealth have ranked-choice voting? In the politics-is-scarier-than-horror-movies department, this current … .

The 10 best horror films of all-time

Halloween will soon be here and even if things are a little different this year, it doesn’t mean you still can’t get in the spooky mood! So, what movies could you put on that will … .

Why Monsterland’s showrunner regrets a horror influene

When asked about her influences, Laws prefaces her response by saying, “I hate my own answer to this.” She continues: “I love Roman Polanski,” citing “his horror [movies], particularly Rosemary’s Baby, but Repulsion is the … .