The truth about Ashley Tisdale’s husband

Christopher French, who was born in California in 1982, per IMDB, has worked on a number of musical and television projects over the years, including wife Ashley Tisdale’s TV series Young & Hungry. According to … .

AA Buyer’s Guide: A slice of American pie

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Ledisi Is Here To Stay

An illustrious career, music true to her New Orleans roots, Grammy-nominated artist Ledisi is all of herself with her newest release, “The Wild Card”. Ledisi has long been one of my favorite voices in the … .

Rethinking the Blues Scale

Photo by Mikkel Bech on Unsplash Chops: Beginner Theory: Intermediate Lesson Overview: • Explain how chords are generated from scales. • Create unusual harmonies, chord progressions, bass lines, and melodies using the blues scale. • … .