Downtown Chocolate Shop Cacao Will Permanently Close

Downtown Chocolate Shop Will Close After Almost 15 Years One of Portland’s most influential chocolate shops is selling the last of its truffles, bars, and drinking chocolate: Cacao will close this fall, owners Aubrey Lindley … .

Keeper of the Flame

(The hamlet pf Deadwood, west of Florence, is especially sad after the recent passing of the locally-famed “First Lady of Deadwood Mary Lou Goertzen,” who passed away Oct. 20. Goertzen lived 94 good years, as … .

Pizza Inn Announces Return of Contactless Buffet To-Go

Guests can once again enjoy the variety of Pizza Inn’s New Right-Way Buffet in the comfort and safety of their home with new Contactless Buffet To-Go options. When dining rooms closed at the beginning of the pandemic, Pizza … .

T&T Divali on world stage

Chutney soca singer Nishard M (Nishard Mayrhoo) will present a nine-night concert series this Divali on Indian broadcast giant Zee TV.Titled Divali Utsav, the production will air nightly from 8.30 p.m. to 9 p.m., exclusively … .